We run tailor-made courses to help people make a change.

Previously we have run courses that help people start-up their own businesses whether they be in their twenties, forties, or sixties!

Our speciality includes helping individuals understand what is necessary for them to adapt, as well as learning the business skills necessary to do so successfully.

By joining the courses, participants become part of a community that helps support and encourage them along the way.


Boot camps and accelerators

Fast-forward and prepare to take on the world.


Join our accelerated learning experience that gives you the tools necessary to kick-start you and your business.

We have run 2-day Boot Camps and 2-month Accelerators geared towards giving you a head-start in the race to succeed.


Incubators and community

“Entrepreneurialism” does not mean “Doing it alone”

Our intention is to provide you with a work environment that can help you get the most out of you and your team. Whether this means a workspace that suits your needs, or a community of fellow entrepreneurs that are going through the journey too.

Individuals in transition Coaching for individuals Individual toolkit

Businesses and organisations