What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about high energy, high performance and making a positive impact on people as individuals, in teams and communities. It’s about going that extra mile to make a real difference that counts. My main experience is in marketing communications and events management for mainstream corporates, charities and social enterprises, education, non-profits and public sector clients. But I’m told I’m strongest working working with individuals as a mentor. I really enjoy coaching and working with entrepreneurs and social innovators at Oxford Brookes University and University of Oxford. I have learned that listening and attention to details makes a difference and getting people to think clearly about their main focus, performance and next steps can make a big difference.

What gives you the edge in business?

Resilience and tenacity, experience and the ability to listen, analyse and distil ideas into a viable plan. If you stay focussed and don’t lose track of your goals, ask the right questions and really listen to the answers, you invariably can find the keys to sustainable change, progress and success. My approach comes from having worked in many different environments with a vast range of people internationally. In the early days I worked in specialist PR agencies, managing accounts for Ford Motor Company, ATS Tyres, BP and Duckhams Oils, amongst others. I wanted a change of direction in order to fulfil aspirations of providing a more rounded communications and media service with positive impact for local people, so took up a communications role working in a local authority. Ten years ago, I took that leap into the unknown myself and set up my own agency so I know about risk too. I’ve taken on new challenges – whether it be writing speeches for visiting Royal VIPs to giving local people a voice in remote small towns and villages in Nepal and Kenya – it’s about realising you can always do more than you thought you could. With experience comes confidence and knowledge, but I’ve learned never to become complacent – it’s good to scare yourself sometimes by taking on new challenges – it keeps life interesting.


  • Working with individuals and organisations to develop priorities and action plans with real impact
  • Strengths: the ability to carry out in-depth research of a project, establish a set of goals, core objectives, messages and strategy – and then see it through and measure its impact
  • Experience of: coaching, mentoring and team development, informing strategic decision-making, politically sensitive environments
  • Skills include: video production, social media, pro-active and crisis media handling, high profile events and developing and implementing communications and marketing campaigns
  • Diverse range of clients include: Oxford Brookes University, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Critical Team Performance, Tourism Innovators Partnership for Social Entrepreneurship, Ruskin College Oxford, Atrainability, Thames Valley Restorative Justice Service.

Fee Chandler, Consultant – Coach, Mentor, Marketing Communications and Events Management