Empowering Excellence

We are passionate about empowering and developing individuals and teams to achieve excellence and realise their potential.

We use Olympic winning strategies, based on proven academic principles, tested through business experience

Our programmes are based on the knowledge and experience gained from leading teams at the highest level, during 7 Olympics, over the last 30 years.

This proven and successful sporting strategy has been married with proven academic theory and has assisted over 100 businesses that we have worked with, to achieve their goals.


“At the Sydney Olympics the gap between unimaginable success and failure was just 0.4 seconds.

As we sat on the finish line waiting for the rest of the world to catch us up, we knew that our preparation

and attention to detail, but above all else the realisation of individual potential as part of the team,

helped us to win Gold.”


Olympic Gold Medallist  in Rowing Tim Foster, MBE, MBA, CEO of Foster Development.


Businesses and organisations    Individuals in transition

We create more efficient organisations

We help and support businesses, teams and organisations to create a proactive and motivated, responsive and receptive culture that nurtures high performance; 360O well-being; and a vitality for new challenges and sustainable change.

We have worked with organisations across all sectors; including large corporations, national federations, small and medium sized businesses, start-ups, business schools, and universities (anybody that is willing to commit!).

While our purpose is to improve the overall performance of your organisation – our specialities include: high-performing teams, leading high performance, making the change, resilience, well-being, and creating good habits.

We help individuals looking to transition into entrepreneurship

Many people are realising the benefits of being their own boss, chasing their dream, having a more flexible lifestyle, or challenging themselves in a different way.

We have worked with many individuals who are looking to transition towards entrepreneurship. These have included:

  • Athletes that have come to the end of their sporting career.
  • Women looking to re-enter the workplace after a career break.
  • People who are making a mid or later career transition into running their own business.
  • Budding entrepreneurs that feel they don’t fit in the corporate world.

We deliver High Performance for businesses and individuals

Our mission is to deliver a difference to you and your organisation. We believe in agreeing attainable goals, committing to the process, and the rewards of achieving high performance.

We believe in delivering a measurable difference; whether this is in the uniqueness and quality of our offer to you, or the improvement it can make to your organisation.

We use tools developed to assess high performing teams, businesses and organisations; that have been proven to work at the highest level, and have been tested through experience.

“There are those that want to be the best, and those that want to be seen to want to be the best

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